Du Buisson Room

Tables and Chairs
  • 24 upholstered chairs are available in the Du Buisson Room, with a further 75 in the Main Hall

  • 7 square vinyl-top tables are kept in the Du Buisson Room, see:

  • Other tables are available from under the Main Hall stage, see:


Catering Facilities
  • Use of the kitchen for teas and coffees is included in the room rent

  • There is a servery to the Du Buisson Room from the kitchen


Seating Capacities
  • Theatre style: 20 - 30

  • Boardroom style: 14 - 16

  • Cafe style: 9 tables (small GoPak) with 36 chairs is feasible.

  • Dinner party with long tables: 32

  • Legal room limit: 40.


  • Room dimensions: 5.2m x 6.8m=35.4m²

  • Dimmable LED panel lighting in the ceiling.

  • Dimmable down-lighters.

  • Indirect wall spot-lights for added ambience.

Projection Screen

There is a pull-down projection screen which can be used with the portable projector stored in the Equipment Room


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